Cladding Cleaning

Cladding Coatings offer a variety of cladding cleaning and restoration services to improve the appearance of your industrial building. Services include roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, wall cladding cleaning and door and window cleaning.


By cleaning the cladding of your building, you are extending the life of the paint system and extending the time between maintenance cycles. It is advised by cladding manufacturers such as Kingspan that you clean the cladding on your roof and walls every 5 to 10 years, depending on your location. If your property is close to or by the sea, it may require more frequent maintenance due to airborne salt water erosion.

Cladding cleaning and restoration will also improve the appearance of your premises and the image of your brand to your customers, both old and new. We carry out a wide range of painting services, such as factory floor painting, and can carry out a site inspection to recommend any areas of your property which might require re-painting or cleaning. Essentially prioritising what is necessary, perhaps to adhere to agreements with landlords or just to keep your premises looking fresh and maintained.

One particular concern causing tenants to consider cladding cleaning is the extent of moss and algae build up which, if left un-treated, can spread quickly and attach and eat into the surfaces. You may have one or two elevations situated near grass banking or overlooked by trees which will more than likely begin to have some organic build up over time.

Cladding cleaning and restoration can sometimes make up part of the dilapidations report from a landlord when moving out of a premises; something which we are very familiar with.
Cladding Coatings are experienced cladding cleaners with knowledge of onsite systems and processes to treat any circumstance. We can work out of hours to suit you and your business because we understand the importance of the smooth running of your operations. All our operatives work in a professional and safe manner and will consult with you as to how to carry out the service to best suit you, your premises and your operations.

Please call a member of our friendly team on 0161 626 3493 if you are interested in any of our cladding cleaning and restoration services. We can discuss your requirements over the phone and arrange for one of our experienced surveyors to visit your site. Following a site visit we will recommend a bespoke package and provide a quotation for the works involved.