Factory Door Painting

We specialise in the on-site repair and refurbishment of factory doors so you will avoid the costly process of replacement whilst still improving the appearance of your property. We use a 200% flexible, heavy duty industrial painting system on factory doors.
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Factory doors face a significant amount of stress. They’re essential for business operations, yet without proper upkeep they can crack, fade and fail to perform.

With factory door repairs carried out on both industrial and commercial properties, our specialist factory door painting team make sure you benefit from heavy-duty paints applied efficiently and professionally.

Smooth operations

Your factory doors are in constant use at your warehouse facility. As such, maintenance is essential for smooth and logical processes: it’s crucial that all deliveries and dispatches can leave your warehouse on time. Therefore, we’ll work entirely around your operational hours, with projects completed at times to suit you.

Low-cost repairs

Replacing factory doors is, unsurprisingly, incredibly disruptive and expensive. Removing existing doors and replacing them with new ones that are the perfect fit in a timely manner will incur costs and cause operational delays. Asking us to step in and repair or refurbish the doors now ensures you keep operational levels high and costs low.

Heavy-duty paints for factory door painting

Your factory doors need to withstand continued heavy usage. At Cladding Coatings, we use a 200% flexible, heavy duty industrial painting system on both rolling and sliding factory doors. This is designed never to flake or peel, no matter how regularly the doors are used, keeping your image polished and operations successful.

Attention to detail

Take a look at our video below, and you’ll not only see our team in action but also how much care we take over each and every detail. Of course, the factory doors are being repainted, but the surrounding areas, such as bollards, are also being carefully recoated for a consistent image. We can also match any colour from the RAL and BS colour chart systems so everything is on-brand.

If your factory doors are in need of refurbishment and you need our help, call us on 0161 626 3493 to speak to a specialist or to organise a free site visit to your premises, where we can discuss and assess your situation in detail.

If you would like more information about our factory door painting services, don’t be afraid to call us for a friendly chat, we’re always happy to offer our expertise and advice.

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Key Benefits

  • Range of different refurbishment options systems suitable for onsite painting
  • Cheaper option than replacing with new materials
  • Unique colour matching service which means no limits to the colours we can use
  • We use a highly trusted system called Noxyde from Rust-Oleum
  • Free on-site sample service to ensure correct colour is chosen before proceeding
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Free surveys, quotes, samples and colour charts within 7 days from your enquiry
  • Work around your schedule to ensure minimum disruptions to your business

This is how we do it:

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  • Email: info@claddingcoatings.co.uk

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