Industrial Unit, Consett

After a tenant vacated a building, the property landlord required the unit to be completely refurbished and split into individual units.

With over a decade of experience in refurbishing and maintaining industrial units, Cladding Coatings are experts in treating units which have been victims of damage and deterioration. Consett’s large industrial building had been subject to damage from weathering and natural ageing.

The damage had affected both of the walls and the roof of Consett’s unit. The external façade which was once a clean, vibrant colour had faded and accumulated years of dirt and residue, leaving the unit looking unsightly. Not only was the appearance of the unit affected, the level of protection of the building had also decreased, increasing the vulnerability of the building to further and more permanent damages.

The tenant who leased the whole unit had recently vacated and the property landlord, who we have worked with for over 5 years contacted us to complete the external refurbishment work. The property was to be refurbished both inside and outside. The surveyor acting on behalf of the new landlord decided to split the block into several units which would help with getting the space occupied sooner and hence bring in a rental income.

Our free site survey was carried out by our expert team who were able to give extensive advice on what areas needed treatment and the ideal solutions to amend the roofing issues. Cladding Coatings recommended a full re-coating of the 5,000 m2 roof, gutters and the external walls. The recommendation for the refurbishment was approved by the client, meaning repair work could commence.

Watch this video showing the work being carried out to the roof area. It shows the level of deterioration and the scale of the unit.

The first stage of the renovation was to clear the roof, preparing it for coating. We used a Fungicidal Wash to remove the dirt build up and any excess from the roof, allowing a fresh, smooth surface. This system was applied and left on for 2 to 3 days to allow the solution to soak in.  We then washed this off with a high-pressure wash, removing the cleaner and all the dirt along with it.

Any peeling paint was feather back to produce a smooth face and any corrosion was mechanically abraded to allow for an even coating. As a result, we now had a prepared roof which was ready to be primed. The primer used was Noxyde Red Stripe, which was applied to all of the cut edges and overlaps to protect from corrosion, as these are the areas most prone to rust and cracking.

Once the primer had set, we could apply the base coat; this was another Noxyde system in colour Green Grey. The system was a full coverage coating applied directly to the roof using high-spec Graco units and Lances, which are used to provide an even and smooth finish. The base coat soaked into any small holes or cracks in the clad roof, which left an even surface for the topcoat then be sprayed. The Goosewing Grey Noxyde top coat was implemented onto the roof using the same equipment as the base coat, leaving behind a protected and beautified finished roof.

Cladding Coatings’ expert team then moved on to the unit’s neglected gutters. These were also failing due to harsh weather and natural aging. To rectify the damage caused to this area of the building, we used another Rust-Oleum system, Fillcoat. Fillcoat is a highly protective, waterproof paint which we recommend for gutters.

The roof’s lights were replaced prior to the refurbishment, as were any extremely damaged roof panels. The walls of the industrial unit were also re-sprayed using Noxyde Rust-Oleum paint, to improve the appearance and protection of the clad and match the newly refurbished roof.

Due to the large scale of the project, this took six weeks to complete, it was carried out with precision and care, meaning the finished result satisfied the client. As always our work is backed by our 10-year guarantee, allowing the new tenants to move into an attractive and protected unit they can be proud of. The building has already been quickly occupied by some new tenants.

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