Cladding Repair Services onsite

Our specialist team is able to carry out cladding repair services on a wide variety of buildings and material types.

We can repair cut edge corrosion or damages and re-spray on site leaving the external wall looking like new again.

Whilst Cladding Coatings can completely re-spray and refurbish an entire building, industrial unit or shopfront there are occasions when there is the need to repair cladding in a specific area or just a few panels. On the exterior of a property there are areas that are more prone to deterioration, there are sometimes areas in a worse condition due to leaks or as a result of the location e.g next to trees or in a coastal area. When this occurs, Cladding Coatings is able to send a team to help carry out the repair work to both cladding and roofing.

Cladding repair is not limited to metal sheeting but other types of cladding materials can be repaired including wood and masonry. An example of this can be seen on Aquinas the College project where the wooden cladding had failed around nail heads and joints. In addition water was found to be pooling on the drip sill detail, which then allowed water to be absorbed up the full elevation. Read the case study here.

Some of the timber needed to be cut away from the sill to prevent further contact with any pooling water and the full elevation was treated. By repairing the cladding this prevented having to replace areas of the façade which would have been much more disruptive and expensive.

Metal cladding and roofing sheets can require repair due to a common problem of cut edge corrosion. Cut edge corrosion can occur at the edge of sheets and around openings such as windows, doors and rooflights. Cladding Coatings is a specialist in Cut Edge Corrosion repair and is an approved Tor partner, enabling the use of Tor Elastaseal. Read more about our cut edge corrosion service here.

On retail premises sometimes damage can occur to cladding near ground level and around shop entrances caused by shoppers and trolley’s. Cladding Coatings can repair cladding and re-coat to make it look like new again.

Read more about shopfront spraying here.