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Time for a spring clean?

Your building has been through all weathers this winter and this is the ideal time for a clean, ensuring it looks professional and presentable for the rest of the year.
At Cladding Coatings we don’t just paint and repair roofs and cladding, we also offer you a full cleaning and restoration service.

Onsite Cleaning of External Cladding

Depending on your requirements we can offer;

  • Roof cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Wall cladding cleaning
  • Door & window cleaning
  • Factory floor repainting

Ideal starting point

A façade with a build-up of dirt and debris looks unprofessional, uncared for, and unappealing. Whether you’re trying to attract shoppers through a recognised retail brand, instil trust in your storage facility with a well-cared for appearance, or appeal to potential tenants with an office block to let, a poorly-maintained façade can be damaging.

Cladding cleaning is the ideal solution. It’s the starting point for all our building repair and refurbishment projects, and equally is perfect as a stand-alone service to keep operation levels high and appearance appealing.

Extended lifespan

You want your cladding to look polished and perform well for as long as possible. With cladding cleaning, you’re extending both the life of the paint system and also the time between required maintenance. Cleaning your wall and roof cladding every five to ten years is ideal, with the duration of time dependent on location (coastal properties, for example, require additional cleaning due to the impact of salt spray. You can find out more about how environmental factors affect your cladding cleaning schedule here.)

Improved appearance

First impressions count, and a presentable, clean and polished façade instils customer confidence and improves brand image. At Cladding Coatings, we offer you everything from a simple external cladding cleaning refresh to a full repair and repainting project. This can include anything from external wall recoating to internal factory floor repainting maintaining your professional image with a building you’ve taken the time to look after.

Avoiding damage

Cladding cleaning is, of course, essential for maintaining building appearance. Yet it’s also vital for ensuring your property performs properly too. For example, leaving moss and algae to build up means it will spread quickly, attach to your cladding surface and eat into it. This problem is particularly prevalent on buildings near trees, forestry, and grass areas. A thorough, professional cladding cleaning project will prevent potential significant damage.

High-powered systems

Façade build-up can take many forms, which is why systems, such as Cladding Coatings’ high-powered washer, are essential for cladding cleaning. Our system removes not only dirt, debris and grime but also flaking paint, using a smooth and efficient method carried out with health and safety front-of-mind.

Doors and windows

Working on buildings of all shapes and sizes over the years we are confident in recommending the best cleaning solutions for every part of your premises including doors and windows of all materials and finishes. From roller shutters to large industrial doors or blackout windows to large customer facing retail fronts we have the correct cleaning methods for your specific requirements.

Here is a video explaining our approach to cleaning

To establish how much cleaning you require we offer a free site visit where we assess your building and with our extensive experience we can recommend the most cost effective solution for cleaning and restoring your facade to its original beauty.

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