Flat Roof Repair and Coating


The Cladding Coatings flat roof refurbishment process is to apply a liquid coating to your roof as part of the refurbishment project.  There are many benefits to this particular system including reduced cost, time and a reduction in maintenance visits.

Whilst we must still prepare the roof, the new coating can simply be applied on top of the existing surface.  Because of this, we do not need to remove the old surface which can be labour intensive and costly in removal and disposal charges.  As a result, the time involved in the refurbishment project is much shorter than traditional methods, as the preparation of the roof surface is shortened considerably.

The application of a liquid finish, rather than a traditional felt, is much quicker and also gives a consistently better finish; especially on complex or detailed surfaces.  The finish is seamless and encapsulates the entire roof forming a waterproof and breathable barrier – there are no joints, which means no leaks.

With Cladding Coatings, flat roof refurbishment and repairs require no hot works which means the process is quieter when compared to traditional methods of repair.

A common problem for flat roofs is the inability to shed rainwater. Standing water will eventually degrade the roof and may even affect the roof membrane over time.  The liquid roof system applied by Cladding Coatings has been tested to withstand standing water compared to other traditional applications.

Tor Coatings LogoJoints in roofing due to any plant or protrusion such as chimneys and pipes can create areas of weakness and will cause failure to the roofing system within a short time scale.

A liquid system such as the Tor system applied by Cladding Coatings, provides a highly flexible long lasting system which will provide protection for up to 25 years.
Cladding Coatings is an approved contractor and applicator of Tor Coatings, a leading coatings specialist manufacturer which, is renowned for its high performance and cutting edge paint systems.

If your roof is leaking, has reached the end of its natural life or you want to refresh the finish to keep it looking fresh and extend its life, contact us for a free quote.

Flat roofing is commonly seen on education buildings, TOR Coatings and Cladding Coatings have produced a joint brochure on the system for education buildings, which can be downloaded here.

Tor Elastaseal™ roof waterproofing system

The coating system used by Cladding Coatings when carrying out flat roof refurbishment or repairs is Elastaseal, which is a high solid polyurethane coating system. The system guaranteed for up to 25 years has been awarded a British Board of Agrément (BBA) Certificate for its 25-year system.

It is suitable for coating existing materials including felt, asphalt, bitumen, asbestos cement sheet, concrete, fibre cement sheet, concrete, single ply membranes and profiled metal sheets.Elastaseal Process


A typical build up of the Elastaseal system:

A. Prepared existing roof substrate

B. Elastaseal Embedment Coat with Elastamat glass fibre reinforcement

C. Elastaseal top coat

D. Additional Elastaseal top coat (for 20 year plus systems)


Tor Elastaseal™ warm roof system

When used in conjunction with Tor liquid applied waterproofing systems, Tortherm provides efficient thermal insulation in built-up (BUR) warm roof assemblies.

Tortherm is a high-performance rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam board, available with a tongue and groove edge detail to help prevent thermal bridging at board joints and provide easy alignment and rapid installation.

Tortherm boards are lightweight, resilient, rot-proof, durable and maintenance free. The boards are easily cut using a shaped-wing knife or fine-toothed saw.

Tortherm eliminates the need for roof ventilation on sound roofs and is inherently safe from harmful interstitial condensation when correctly stored, handled and installed.


A typical build-up of the Elastaseal™ warm roof system:Tortherm system warm roof

A – Prepared existing roof substrate
B – Elotene DSN600 Vapour control layer*
C – Elastaseal™ FIA (foaming insulation adhesive)
D – Tortherm™ Thermal insulation panel
E – Elotene DSN600 Carrier membrane
F – Elastaseal™ embedment coat with Elastamat™ glass fibre reinforcement
G – Elastaseal™ top coat
H – Additional Elastaseal™ top coat (for 20 year plus systems)
* Optional – dependent on existing roof condition