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Can your cladding stand up to winter? Applying paint in freezing conditions.

As winter sets in, the cold weather often has a damaging effect on your property.

Of course, the UK’s unpredictable weather and extensive coastline presents multiple challenges, leaving buildings particularly susceptible to damage. In winter, freezing and thawing is one of the main culprits in facade damage, causing paint to crack and rust. Rain and snow typically discolour your cladding too, so it looks faded, dull and uninviting.

Can I do maintenance work in winter?

Many building owners think that they must wait until the warmer weather to refurbish the damage caused by winter. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If left too long without repair, cladding replacement may, unfortunately, become your only option: a process that is disruptive and extremely expensive.

At Cladding Coatings, we know we need to tackle any building exterior damage as it shows, and quickly. We can use zero degree paint, which we can apply in cold temperatures of as low as 0°C to repair and refurbish your building and stay ahead of problematic damage.

Cladding Coatings

What is zero-degree paint?

One of the paint systems we use is Pegarust, from Rust-Oleum. Pegarust, the solvent-based version of the well-known Rust-Oleum Noxyde® paint, is a rust-preventing coating, available in a variety of colours. It contains high polymers, meaning it produces a waterproof, flexible and elastic system with good metal adhesion: ideal for wall cladding.

As well as low-temperature application, Pegarust can be applied in damp conditions. It will then dry even in humidity, ensuring we can apply it throughout the winter season no matter what the weather throws our way.

How can it protect my property?

With its excellent corrosion protection and waterproof properties, Pegarust protects against cracking and peeling and prevents rust from spreading.

It has a glossy finish that looks attractive and professional. The paint also protects your facade from abrasion, UV-rays and chemical agents in the atmosphere, resulting in a long-term, durable finish that, of course, comes with our renowned 10-year guarantee.

It’s a common myth that the winter months make building recoating and refurbishing a more challenging task. With the right systems and the right approach, your facade doesn’t have to suffer through winter. Contact our team today, and we’ll tell you more about our zero-degree paint and how we can use it to repair your property this winter.



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