Drones – The Future of Site Surveys

Cladding Coatings, is at the forefront of innovation and this isn’t just limited to the systems we use: we also apply innovation to our operations and how we carry out our services.

In over more than a decade, we have refined and polished our methods so we are continuously providing the best possible service. We want to ensure we produce the best results for our clients, which is why we are always looking for ways to improve what we offer.

When we are working with a new client or on a new project, we always start with an initial site survey in order to thoroughly analyse the premises. We constantly strive for improvement across all of our services, and our site surveys are no exception. As such, we have proudly introduced the use of drones to help us examine the condition of a property.

The drones are a fantastic way to view areas of a building that are otherwise often challenging to see: primarily the roof and other areas at the top of a building. It allows our team an increasingly detailed assessment of hard-to-access areas, and an ability to quote, manage and repair with optimal accuracy.

Another great factor about using drones is that they give a recorded view of the site. This enables us to assess the situation at any time without a re-visit. Drones can also be used post-refurbishment as a comparison to the site visit video, showcasing the difference our renovation has made to areas clients may otherwise struggle to see.

The invention of drone technology has positively impacted the process of our site visits. Drones help us improve the way we carry out our services, with better results for our clients.

Cladding Coatings’owner, Mike, has recently passed his PFCO written and flight exam for drones. As such, we are available for bookings now. Contact us today to book your drone site survey.

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