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External wall cladding horrors: what to look out for, and how to fix the problem

Halloween isn’t the only horror you’ll uncover this autumn if you don’t keep an eye on your external wall cladding. Let’s consider what you need to look out for to prevent cladding damage.

Why is external wall cladding important?

October is well underway, which means Halloween is around the corner. Yet it’s the time of year to notice that your external wall cladding is the issue that can cause a real fright.

Former Hallfords unit Hull Before Cladding Restoration

External wall cladding is material applied in layers to the exterior of your property. It’s most commonly metal cladding, yet other materials can be used too, from timber to recycled polystyrene. It’s often assembled in panels, and attached to your structural building frame.

Maintaining your external wall cladding is essential. That’s because it’s designed to protect your building, both inside and out, from weather damage, improve thermal insulation, and help your company retain a professional appearance. So when it fails, you need an external wall cladding refurbishment and repair company, like Cladding Coatings, to take a look.

We’re experts in the cladding coating and building maintenance field, so you’re in safe hands. Yet it helps to know what to look out for, so you can make sure you call us as soon as possible to get our experienced team on site quickly to stop external cladding problems in their tracks. Here’s what to keep an eye out for:

  • Cut edge corrosion: it’s natural that your metal cladding coating will deteriorate over time. Yet when this happens, it can result in cut edge corrosion. This is when the edge of the metal cladding sheeting begins to deteriorate and peel back, allowing the elements to enter the property and causing external and internal damage. Take a look at some images of the kind of thing you need to look out for and how we solve the problems using industry leading systems.
  • Flaking and fading paintwork: a sun-damaged or wind-battered façade isn’t only an aesthetic problem. Appearance is, of course, a significant concern, especially when you are trying to attract customers and entrust clients in a professional and presentable company, and preserve your reputation. Yet damaged paintwork is also a sign of deteriorating cladding that, when left unattended, can cause damage. Find out how our on site spraying service can fix this for you.
  • Roof damage: your roof is always going to be a tricky area of your property to keep an eye on. Yet by being aware of the potential problems, you’re already mindful of the need to maintain your property’s roof. Thanks to inclement weather, roof coating is a service that’s proving increasingly necessary for our clients to make sure their properties stay safe. You can find out why this matters, how we access your property using safe systems and drone surveys, and the approved systems we install here.
Military base before cladding coating

How can external wall cladding problems be solved?

External wall cladding horrors might sound like a real worry for you as a building owner or property manager. Yet knowing what problems to look out for is the first step, followed by putting a call in to our expert team at Cladding Coatings. We’ll get you booked in for a prompt, free of charge on site survey ready to make your external wall cladding look like new again, with all our work backed by a minimum ten year guarantee.

Take a look at our case studies and testimonials from our happy clients, then get in touch to get your external wall cladding horrors solved today.

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