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How to attract new tenants to your properties

Over the years we have worked alongside and engaged with many landlords, property owners and commercial estate agents, all of whom have properties they want to sell or rent to new tenants. Just like when you rent or buy a house, you want your business property to be well protective, attractive and a safe and welcoming environment. Sometimes, however, this can be an often neglected commodity and could be driving potential occupants away. Neglected and derelict buildings can not only be an eyesore but deter customers away, whereas a well kept and smart looking property will attract and catch the eye of buyers and their customers. This is why it is vitally important that your properties are well maintained and appealing to your new clientele.

Cladding Coatings are experts in the repair, refurbishment and maintenance field. We specialise in the on-site spraying and repair of the walls and roofs of commercial and industrial units, producing protected and beautiful looking properties any landlord would be proud to own. We have an extensive range of services that can transform your vacant properties, so they are ready to be put onto the market.

On-site Spraying / Wall & Roof Coating

Rodo onsite sample

Lack of regular maintenance, natural weathering and the inevitable ageing could leave your once vibrant looking building, now dull and depressing. Our on-site spraying services bring colour back to your facade, giving your building a fresh new look with a new coat of protective paint! We can match branding and client requirements, producing a clean, attractive finish to the walls and roofs of the property. Whether you want a bright colour or a simple light shade, our team will find the perfect colour for you. Still can’t decide? We can come to site and carry out some paint samples or create a digital mockup of your building with your chosen colour, to show you what the finished result will look like before the refurbishment begins!

Cut Edge Corrosion 

An extremely common problem for industrial buildings. This type of damage happens when the clad sheets on the walls and roofs of the building begin to corrode due to weathering and ageing. This form of damage can become very dangerous if left untreated, not only does it leave your building looking unsightly but it will weaken the structure and can cause leaks and other water damage. Using the Tor Coatings system, we can repair the cut edge corrosion damage, preventing it from worsening – leaving your building well protected and secure.

Rooflight Refurbishment

Allow light back into your building by cleaning up your rooflights! Dirt, residue and leafs can attract themselves towards your rooflights, blocking any natural sunlight from entering the building. This is a well-known issue on industrial buildings and often gets neglected, and the dirt build up goes unnoticed! However, having clean and well-maintained rooflights can help reduce electricity bills, by reducing the need for internal lighting. Sunlight has also been proven to improve staff morale and produce a better working atmosphere – which will increase productivity too! Just by giving your rooflights a deep clean, you can not only save money but improve the working environment for clients!

If you are a landlord or commercial property owner and are thinking about putting your building on the market, allow us to give it a refurbishment allowing it to look as good as new, ready to meet new potential tenants! Call us, email us or use our live chat facility to book your FREE site survey!

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