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New Service: Cladding Wrapping

Cladding Coatings are always striving to improve their services and offerings to their customers – this includes the improvement of current services and the introduction of new ones. We already have an impressive range of maintenance services available and are pleased to offer our newest addition, Cladding Wrapping.

Cladding Wrapping is the process of covering the existing cladding with a specialist multi-layered film whilst in situ or by the individual panel during installation.  It is an ideal alternative to painted coating systems, such as on-site spraying and wall coating. This is perfectly suited for sensitive environments such as car showrooms, hospitals and public buildings where over spray, noise, and disruption are an issue. The Cladding Wrapping service is easily applied and quickly installed – ideal for projects with time constraints. The wrapping system can not only be used on cladding panels but also window and door frames. All our work is carried out with minimal disturbance to your business, so normal working conditions can carry out during the refurbishment.

The high-performance film is applied to leave a smooth, durable and attractive finish. It leaves the unit looking clean and well protected. We have a wide range of colours and shades available, suitable to match a variety of themes, branding or customer requirements – leaving your building looking as good as you imagined. Cladding Wrapping, as like all our services are backed up with our 10-year guarantee – protecting the system against weathering, corrosion and ageing. The system also has excellent fire protective properties (Classified to EN 13501-1 ‘Flame Retardant’) to further protect your building.

Our ever-growing range of services is always improving, and we are really looking forward to future Cladding Wrapping projects. Have a look at our current maintenance and refurbishment services, and see how Cladding Coatings can transform and improve your building.

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