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Rooflights: save costs and prevent damage

It’s easy for the smaller details to get overlooked. When you’re assessing your unit as a whole, especially if it’s a vast site, you’ll likely focus on the main areas: the cut-edge corrosion on your roof, the faded cladding on your facade or the debris building up in your guttering. Yet one area that often becomes an afterthought is your property’s rooflights.

Rooflights can be replaced but this can be avoided with correct maintenance and repair, getting repair work done is a lower-cost, least disruptive option.

rooflight refurbishment

Reduced costs and environmental benefit
Glass fibre-reinforced plastic roof lights can be costly to replace. Refurbishing them now prevents this unexpected expense later when the damage is unrepairable. What’s more, a well-operating light will reduce the cost of your electricity bill (if your roof is vast, you may be surprised how much money you save!). Of course, this has huge environmental benefits too.

Long-term cleanliness and clearer vision
When dirt builds up on your rooflights, they begin to perform poorly. After all, if debris is blocking natural light, your room becomes darker and your internal lighting costs increase. At Cladding Coatings, our industrial coating services begin with cleaning the rooflights, then sealing them and applying a three-coat glaze. This prevents dirt and debris sticking to them and prolongs the time they remain clean and clear.

Trusted approach and approved methods
Just because rooflights may seem a small part of your property doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be afforded the same high-standards and attention to detail as the rest of your building. So we use the same tried and tested methods and approved systems as we do elsewhere on your property, trialing our processes in advance for optimal results (watch our rooflight experiment here). For added peace of mind, we offer a five-year planned maintenance schedule with our rooflight refurbishment service to make sure your rooflights perform as well as you’d expect them to.

Cladding CoatingsWhen replacement is the only option
Unfortunately rooflights can become brittle or they are in such a poor state that they are irrepairable, when this happens the only option is to replace. But we can help with that too. If we cannot find any solution to refurbishing your roof lights then out team can arrange to replace it for you. We can provide a site survey or drne survey and will make recomendations on the type or work involved before you decide to proceed.



Whether you’re thinking of repairing your roof lights as part of a large scale project or refurbishing them as an individual piece of work, we’d be more than happy to chat to you about it. Let us know what you need, and we’ll arrange to come to your site for a free survey. Call us on 0161 626 3493.

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