Safe and effective gutter system repair with innovative WeatherFOLD installation

During March, we completed a project at West Brom FC, where our team installed the WeatherFAST WeatherFOLD gutter system: a bespoke gutter system designed to make your old gutters like new again.

WeatherFOLD is a system we are proud to add to our trusted portfolio. Using it means we’re able to install safe, durable and attractive guttering systems to your property that significantly minimise damage to your roof for many years to come.

The work at West Brom FC has been an ongoing project that we only completed on 6th April 2020, so our experience with the system is evidently current, relevant and adaptable.

What is the WeatherFOLD system?

WeatherFOLD gutter system by WeatherFAST is a hard physical metal liner designed for use on commercial and industrial gutter systems. It has been uniquely developed to be a quick, simple and safe method of gutter refurbishment that can be used on buildings both old and new.

The system has been developed to cater to a wealth of different roof guttering types. It is composed of Fatra 1.2 mm PVC, bonded to a 0.6 mm steel substrate, is available in up to 1500 mm wide x 3000 mm lengths, and has a built-in 75 mm end lap. It has a single heat weld joint detail, which allows for expansion and contraction, and as many hinges as you like, making it fully-bespoke to your roofing needs.

What’s more, its high-impact resistance means it can withstand heavy traffic: both beneficial for safe installation and the weight of the British weather!

Before the system is installed, an angle grinder must be used to remove debris and ensure the surface is clean and prepared. Measurements are then checked, allowing for expansion and contraction, before pre-prepared materials arrive on site for ease of loading, storage and accuracy. The entire base of the gutter is covered, before the WeatherFOLD system is inserted to fit. Gutter lengths are carefully welded together for added security, and end fixings installed for a water-tight fitting. Take a look at WeatherFAST’s animation of the installation process in action to see how efficient, yet smooth, the system is.

How can you benefit?

Fully backed by Fatra UK, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of single ply membrane, the WeatherFOLD gutter system withstands much corrosion, requires low-level maintenance and repair once installed, and will provide sustained waterproofing for up to 30 years. WeatherFOLD itself is accompanied by an impressive 25-year warranty – giving you peace of mind for over a quarter of a century.

As WeatherFAST approved installers, our team at Cladding Coatings attended a full-day course to learn how to safely and correctly install all aspects of the WeatherFOLD system. We’re proud to have passed and be considered an approved contractor, so you can be assured of our knowledge and skill.

What results will you see?

Using the West Brom FC project as an example, our team at Cladding Coatings began with a thorough site assessment to determine exactly which specific WeatherFOLD gutter system was right for the client. The images clearly show the damage the football stadium’s gutter system had suffered. In addition to the worn and tired aesthetic, the build-up of dirt is significant. The gutters were blocked by foliage and an accumulation of debris, from flaking pieces of metal and plastic to rusting nails. Standing water was, therefore, increasing in the gutter system, restricting the flow of water to the pipes and away from the roof. This pressure was beginning to build, causing damage to the vast roof and running high-risk of internal leaks.

The photos of the completed work are testament to the combination of our experienced team and the advanced WeatherFAST WeatherFOLD gutter system. The guttering is clean, clear and free from dirt, debris and standing water. Previously blocked piping that was barely visible is now clear to see, allowing the gutter system to operate as intended and securing the safety of the roof. For an added professional finish, we used a bright, presentable guttering system in a strong blue colour.

How can WeatherFOLD be installed on your building?

WeatherFOLD by WeatherFAST is quick to install, causes minimal site disruption and gives you peace of mind with the latest, bespoke systems applied by an approved installer. Our latest project at West Brom FC shows we can install extensive guttering on a vast stadium and are able to complete our gutter refurbishment and repair work to suit changing deadlines and scopes.

Discover more about the leak-free WeatherFOLD system and how we can quickly and securely install it on your building with optimal results. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation site visit and we’d be happy to provide you with a quote.

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