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Spring Clean

As we approach spring/summer, we have almost escaped the bad winter weather and can now look forward to sunshine and clear skies. This year has seen a whirlwind of different weather conditions, from truncation rain to unexpected snow (even in April). Bad weather has a heavily detrimental impact on the appearance of a building, which, when left untreated, can cause further, more permanent damage, to your premises. The harsh winter weather may have left your building with excess dirt build up, leaving an unattractive and off-putting facade. An unappealing building can have a major impact on your footfall and deter potential customers away from your business.

It is time to freshen up your building for summer and give your exterior a spring clean. Our Cladding Cleaning service can refresh the face of your building, restoring the appearance of your premises and the image of your brand to your customers, both old and new. Our high-powered professional cleaning service can be used on a wide range of buildings, including cladding and masonry, and can remove dirt, mould, and other unwanted excesses from all areas of the building including the walls, roofs, gutters and doors. As well as dirt being an unattractive factor harming the appearance of a building, another concern causing tenants to consider cladding cleaning is the extent of moss and algae build up, which, if left untreated, can spread quickly, and attach and eat into the surfaces.

The cladding cleaning process is a very simple but effective procedure that can help with the continuous maintenance of your property. Keeping your building clean will also help keep it protected, stopping any dirt, mould or corrosion damage to your facade. By cleaning the cladding or masonry of your building, you are extending the life of the paint system and extending the time between maintenance cycles.

It’s not just the walls and roofs of your buildings you can clean; the rooflights of your building can also have great benefits when you regularly maintain them. Rooflights on an industrial unit are a great way for natural sunlight to shine through into the interior of the building. Unfortunately, just like the external elevations, these are also very prone to dirt buildup. This excess will block any light from entering the building, leaving them unfunctional and, in turn, this will increase your electricity bills due to the lack of natural sunlight. These can also be cleaned and repaired, to remove the dirt buildup that is restricting the light, clearing a way for sunlight to shine through internally.

Please call a member of our friendly team on 0161 626 3493 or contact us if you are interested in any of our cladding cleaning and restoration services. We can discuss your requirements over the phone and arrange for one of our experienced surveyors to visit your site.

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