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What is a digital mock-up, and how will it help you?

Make those crucial colour choices for your cladding with a digital mock-up to help you picture the façade finish before work begins.

You’ve made the decision to have your external wall cladding painting work completed. You know it’s the right call: your building is looking worn, tired and faded, your brand logo is no longer prominent, and your concerned about the performance and safety of your cladding. It’s time for a refresh.

However, at this point, the colour of your cladding painting can begin to feel like a big decision. It’s a big commitment, especially if your property is huge with an expansive façade. You can’t afford to choose the wrong colour.

At Cladding Coatings, we know the cladding painting colour decision is a challenging one. To help you make the right choice, we offer a digital mock-up. Let’s explain what that is, and how it works.

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What is a digital mock-up?

A digital mock-up is a visualisation of what your building will look like with your chosen colour applied to your façade. To do this, we simply need a photo of the outside of your building. Then, using our in-house software, we apply your chosen colour digitally to the external wall cladding on your image. This means you’re able to see what the colour will look like when it’s installed on your building.

Choosing colours is incredibly hard, especially when such an obvious area of your property is being covered in a new colour. Yet with a digital mock-up, you can gain greater peace of mind and wider stakeholder input as everyone is able to get a great idea about the finished external wall cladding colour to make collective final decisions that everyone is happy with before work begins.

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How can it help with my cladding painting project?

A digital mock-up helps you and your team to make those all-important colour decisions. This is especially true with Cladding Coatings, as with us you’re not limited to one colour choice for your digital mock-up. We can apply different colours to different images of your property, helping you decide between colours and compare them side-by-side. This is especially beneficial when colour-matching is important, for example if you’ve acquired a new unit and need to make sure the cladding painting work is in keeping with an existing recognisable brand image.

Of course, making these colour decisions beforehand with a digital mock-up is a huge advantage to your project’s progress. It means that the colours are confidently and collectively pre-selected. That way, when our cladding painters arrive for on site spraying, we’ll be ready to go with colours all ordered for a swift and efficient application.

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What else do I need to know?

Naturally, a digital image is never able to be a completely accurate picture of how your cladding will look. This is because, of course, the external wall cladding itself is subject to differences in the substrate texture that mean to colour is likely to slightly vary from the digital mock-up. However, it gives you an excellent guide.

Take a look at some examples of projects where our clients have used digital mock-ups as part of their process working with our team at Cladding Coatings. From automotive centres and car showrooms to schools and education facilities, each has benefitted from the foresight of the colour and been delighted with a smart, presentable and on-brand finish.

If you’re unsure about the colour choice for your external wall cladding, ask our friendly team for more information. We’ll talk you through the digital mock-up process in more detail, sharing more examples of our successful digital visualisations and taking you through colour options. Book your free onsite survey and talk to our expert team about your exterior wall cladding colour painting today.

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