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What’s on the inside matters too

Some of you may not know that we also carry out internal refurbishment work too. The cold winter season is the perfect time to refurbish your building’s interior.

Of course it is important for your building to look good on the outside – it’s the first thing they see, but if your interior doesn’t match the attractiveness of outside, it can be just as costly. Plus, it’s important to keep your interior well-kept for the benefit of your staff and their overall well being.

We can refurbish your internal floors and walls, to ensure they are durable, fit for purpose and looking refreshed. We use high quality wall coating and floor coating systems which are ideal for heavy duty environments where industrial equipment, such as forklift trucks, are regularly being used.

We have a wide range of colours to choose from with the option of additional line markings and pathways available. The floor features a non-slip surface with a life expectancy of five years. Our expert team have many years of experience coating the walls and floors on warehouses, industrial buildings and factory floors on industrial and commercial properties.

Heavy duty work can leave your floors looking dull, worn out and an eye sore – our professional coating system will leave them looking like new for years. And we can work around you and your business, by scheduling our work around your requirements to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities, leaving you to go about business as usual.
Have your interior looking as smart as the exterior, call for your free site visit today.


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