Proctor and Gamble, North East

The repair and repainting of a large roof area for Proctor and Gamble has been carried out by our specialist coating team.

Cladding Coatings were appointed by Procter & Gamble (P&G) to complete a project to repair and protect a large facility located in the North East. We were thrilled to be given the sign off on the project having been recommending by TOR Coatings, a paint system manufacturer we work in partnership with, Cladding Coatings is recognised as a Tor Partner.

An accolade for the team, not only because of the recommendation but also the opportunity to be working for a leading company such as P&G. P&G are a global company responsible for leading household brands and consumer goods such as Gillette, Pampers & Pantene to name but a few. The project would also be a record for Cladding Coatings – our largest to date, involving an enormous roof area of over 14,000m2.

Once given the sign off on the project our team were able to start planning the project. This included a full Risk Assessment of the location, including detailed consideration of the requirement to work at heights. We also had to factor in the P&G health & safety briefing that our team would be required to complete before being admitted to site and also all relevant PPE equipment that would be mandatory for the project especially when working for a large company such as P&G.

Another important consideration was that P&G were insistent that the project must be completed whilst the building was occupied and operating business as usual. This was not a problem to Cladding Coatings and is something we are experienced in doing. We manage this by working to a project plan that we are able to share with the customer, ensuring areas of the site have restricted access to protect the employees and members of the public when certain works are being completed. This allows the whole site to be used as normally as possible at all times.

A detailed project plan is essential for this type of project, without this we would be unable to complete the project on time and within budget. An important factor was to ensure we had the right amount of labour with the correct skillset, and materials and equipment to meet the customer’s timescales.

With this planning we are proud that the project ran smoothly from start to finish and that all elements where managed appropriately. With our expertise in this sector and the experience of ours teams we were able to install the Tor 20 year roof coating system in under 4 months. That equates to 1400m2 completed per day.

Our Partner Tor Coatings and the customer P&G were pleased with the finished project and we hope to work with P&G again soon.

Services involved

Roof Coating

Gutter Cleaning & Coating

On-site Spraying

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