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10 Reasons to Choose Cladding Coatings

Cladding Coatings are specialist applicators of protective and decorative coating systems to walls and roofs of commercial buildings. With extensive hands-on experience, we pride ourselves on providing quality services to a wide range of industries.

But what makes us different to other coating applicators and maintenance companies? We like to think there are 10 main reasons we stand out from the crowd.

Here is why you should choose Cladding Coatings to carry out your building refurbishments:


1. We go the extra mile

To ensure full customer satisfaction, we like to add a few extra stages during our service offering. The main one being our FREE on-site coating samples and digitalised mock-ups.

Colour choosing is often a very tough decision and can be a costly mistake if the wrong colour is selected. This is why we always give the option to our clients of free paint samples. We prepare and paint an area of the unit to show the client that finished result before they commit to the full refurbishment. We can also provide digital mock-ups, where we take an image of the unit and digitally transform it to show how the end result will look.


2. Endless options

We don’t limit our customers to paint coating refurbishments instead, we have a variety of alternate options including liquid roof coating, cedral weatherboard installation and cladding wrapping. Providing a diverse solution to refinishing walls and roofs.


3. Colour matching

Our extensive and impressive range of colour systems can match any branding or requirements. We use a highly trusted system called Noxyde a Rust-Oleum – leaving a protected and even finish. The system can be applied in a variety of colours and shades, meaning there are no limits to the colours we can use.


4. 10-year guarantee

We pride ourselves on delivering quality, which is why we are confident and proud to back our services with a 10-year guarantee. We are so certain our refurbishment services will last, we assure this for a whole decade – protecting from ageing, weathering and other natural damage.


5. The environment

The environment is very important to us. We always ensure the environment around us is being protected during our refurbishment. We ensure we protect the ground with durable ground-guards that are designed to protect flags and landscaping from the wear and tear of our workers and machinery.


6. Minimal disruption

We carry out refurbishment with no or very little disruption to the daily workings of the company. We can work around and in line with working hours and deadlines – whilst always safeguarding staff and other members of the general public during this work.


7. Site re-visits

We can come back and inspect your unit after the refurbishment and can check if any maintenance is required, offering advice and any further support you may require.


8. Not just cladding

Although our main services are aimed at re-coating metal roofs and walls, it is not only those that we can repair and refurbish. We can also coat and protect masonry and wooden buildings, guttering, flooring, windows, doors and even carry out refurbishment on flat roofs.


9. Established and experienced

Now into our 10th year, Cladding Coatings has a wealth of experience in coating and protecting buildings. Our experience and expertise allows us to deliver the highest quality of services.


10. Fire Regulation

We ensure we use some of the best coatings in the industry. Rustoleum Noxide is tested and has a class 1 rating in accordance with BS476. With our experience and expertise we can ensure that the correct coating is chosen depending on the surface material and performance requirements.


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