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Building Protection During a Heatwave

Dukeries Academy Exterior
Dukeries Academy Exterior

We seemed to have been blessed with glorious sunshine just lately, having the hottest June in over 40 years and it looks as if this wonderful heatwave is going to stick around for the foreseeable future.

During this sunny period, people are protecting themselves against the sun’s rays in various ways, but probably haven’t given a second thought as to what this heat might mean for your building.

Weathering has a considerable effect on the appearance and functionality of your building. Often people focus on the rain and damp weather causing corrosion on industrial units, however you may be surprised to hear, that sunshine can be just as harmful! Just like you wear sun cream, your building needs a good system to protect itself from the scorching sunshine and UV rays.

Painted cladding is extremely vulnerable to weathering, including the adverse effects of sunshine. The flaming sun can cause your paint to fade at an excessively quicker rate than normal, bleaching your façade leaving it looking dull and unsightly. Furthermore, because of the positioning and movement of the sun, some areas of your building will be more affected than others, leaving it uneven, patchy and off-putting.

Cladding CoatingsThe sunshine has also been a contributing factor in paint flaking and peeling. The hot rays will dry out the paint allowing it to shrivel and peel away from the metal sheets. As the heat hits the cladding, it will begin to expand and then during the night as it cools, it will retract back to its normal size, this constant movement allows for the paint to crack and peel. Once the paint has flaked off the exterior, this not only leaves an unsightly façade, but also an unprotected building with exposed sheets – which is now far more vulnerable to more serious damages including corrosion.

To avoid these damages, you must protect your building from the sun, using our very own ‘sun cream’. We specialise in the re-coating and re-spraying of clad buildings, to ensure they are both beautified and protected against harsh weathering, allowing for excellent sun protection! The industry leading paint system we use is called Noxyde, this has unrivalled weather and UV protection. It also has superb elasticity and movement qualities preventing the paint from peeling and cracking. The system has been tried and tested during many of our projects, that are all still standing out with the same excellent quality today.

Our services are backed with a 10-year guarantee, ensuring full sun protection for at least a decade! Do you think your building might need protection from this scorching sun? Allow us to come and carry out a site survey, free of charge and let’s get your building ready for the continual heatwave. Contact us.

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