Let There Be Light

Large Warehouses can often pose a dull, dingy atmosphere – often due to lack of natural day light. It is rare for warehouse premises to have windows, so in many cases, there are just 4 solid walls with very little influxes of light. In most units, the light comes from the rooflights, these are clear panels in the roof, which allow for natural daylight and the sunshine to shine through and light up the interior. However, just like windows, these lights are dirt magnets and are very prone to muck. Unlike windows, these are much harder to clean and often the dirt residue builds up unnoticed. Overtime this will, of course, restrict the level of daylight entering the unit and these rooflights can often become a pointless use of a light source.

With the lack of natural light entering the building, excessive electrical lighting will have to be used. This form of lighting could be avoided if the rooflights were fully functioning – saving you a lot of money on electrical bills. Using unnecessary lighting when natural forms are available is just money wasting, the price of getting your rooflights cleaned is a small amount compared to that of your needless electricity bill.

Cladding Coating’s Rooflight Refurbishment service can clean up your rooflights allowing for a well-lit internal unit. Our high-powered cladding cleaning service can be used on the rooflight panels to remove dirt, stains and residue that has been built up. The newly cleaned panels will no longer restrict the external light passing through the unit

For additional protection and a more permanent solution, you can recoat these rooflights with our nano coating technology, this will repeal any dirt residue which would usually stick to the surface. The specialist system makes a protective, waterproof seal that stops liquid and dirt sticking or absorbing into the roof light. This, like all our services, is backed by our 10-year guarantee, allowing your rooflights to keep clean and clear for a decade.

This small maintenance service can make a huge difference to your building not only improving the internal appearance which will be now far better lit and more inviting, but also the financial aspects of your day to day runnings. Small improves to your building make big changes – it is easy to have a perfect façade, and even easier with the help of Cladding Coatings.

Read about our rooflight refurbishment services in full here.


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