The Process Behind our 10 Year Warranty System

Our expert coatings team are able to apply a specialist paint system that provides a 10 year warranty. We have taken some 20 year old Galvanised metal sheets that are Plastisol coated and have been weathered then applied our coating system to show how old and deteriorating sheets can be refurbished to look like new.

So how does the process work?

Firstly the sheets are cleaned with a grinder, this removes paint and stubborn debris. Once the grinding is complete then a degreaser can be used to ensure all residue and dirt is removed from the metal sheets.

The sheets are then power washed to clean them thoroughly ready for the paint process to begin.

The next stage involves paint application, the first coat is the primer. Once the primer is completely dry an adhesion test is carried out. To test the adhesion, tape is firmly applied to the surface then removed and checked. If the tape is completely clear then the paint has adhered to the surface correctly. If the test fails then it may need to be carried out again and further investigation made.

Once the adhesion has been checked then the base coat can be applied, followed by the finishing top coat in the chosen colour.

See how we carry out the process in this video here.

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