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Refurbish Your Building in 2015

Metal Cladding FailureThe weather is a very powerful element, not even cladding is safe from it. One of the main reasons why cladding begins to deteriorate is due to the weather. Harsh winters have a large impact on your building’s exterior and a damaged or decorating face will not attract customers into your building. With the winter months drawing in, many business think they have left it too late to begin to refurbish the building, so decide to leave it until the next summer.
At Cladding Coatings time of year is not an big issue. We are able to work to the same high standards in the winter and spring as we would in the summer. With our zero temperature paint we will still be refurbishing buildings even in the cold and damp January and February months. Rust-Oleum paint Pegarust, is the new application we have introduced. Its waterproof, flexible and elastic system, is perfect for cladding. The system helps protect against chemical agents in the atmosphere and has a good adhesion on a variety of metals, allowing it to be suitable for all types of cladding. It can be applied to cold or damp surfaces, without running or decreasing in effectiveness. As with all of our coating systems, it protects from cracking and peeling, UV-resistant, protects against abrasion and prevent the spread of rust.

But it’s not just the harsh winters that are ruining your buildings image, UV and scolding sunlight can bleach your cladding and it will begin to deteriorate. Cladding Coatings have a range of different coating systems and services that can treat any form of cladding and damage to cladding. Even our new service, wooden cladding, is now able to be re-stored to its former glory. Whether your business needs a full re-branding, just a fresh coat of paint or simply a deep clean we can help you. We offer free onsite samples and quotations – to make a refurbishment process as easy as possible for you. We will also carry out re-visits once the work has been completed.

Why not give your cladding a fresh face in the New Year? Whether it’s your cladding face, you have cut edge corrosion problems or rooflight damage – we have a wide range of services to help your business. Make your news resolution be the care of your building – Cladding coatings can help!

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