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What Causes Cut Edge Corrosion?

Cut edge corrosion is a very common issue with metal roof and wall cladding, and if not treated, it can damage your building. Cut edge corrosion describes the breakdown of the cut edge on metal sheeting which, when exposed to the elements, causes peel back and deterioration. It is a very unsightly problem, which can cause leaks and structural damage.

In the past, manufacturers would only guarantee their products for 15 years, but due to more recent developments in technology and much improved coating systems, some leading manufacturers can offer a 25-year warranty. Despite these developments, cut edge corrosion still occurs. But what causes this damage to happen?


One of the main causes of cut edge corrosion is mother nature. The ever-changing weather conditions cause the metal sheets to wear, corrode and crack. Harsh rain and freezing temperatures will create cracks, that are easily opened and damaged further by freezing expansion. The rain can also cause decay, and will cause the sheeting to corrode.


In a similar way to weather, where your unit is located can have a great impact on corrosion rates. Places that are closer to the sea and coast corrode much faster due to the sea air. The particles in the air effect the building, and allow cut edge corrosion damage to happen a lot faster than usual. We found this problem at one of our previous projects for Royal Mail, the coastal location of the unit, meant that the corrosive air was damaging the unit far quicker than expected. This is due to the invisible sand particles in the air, that are rubbing on the unit and corroding it at a faster rate.


It is inevitable that overtime and due to aging, things become damaged and worn – this is the same for cladding and roof sheeting. Aging means that the building is far less protected than usual, and is more susceptible to damage. Aging metal sheeting can corrode and rot, and become unstable. If left untreated maintenance as treatment will no longer be enough, and the only option will be replacement – the far more costly alternative.


Using the incorrect coating, can leave your cladding and roofing vunerable to corrosion and other problems. Sometimes, using a budget style system does not stop corrosion from occurring, it can often make the corrosion process faster. Therefore, it is vital that when coating or protecting your building, you use a specialist system, applied by experts.

Cladding Coatings experienced team is able to repair and refurbish metal cladding sheeting using industry leading, Tor Elastaseal™. Our specialist cut edge corrosion team are highly skilled and have had many years’ experience with this system, repairing and treating the damage caused by cut edge corrosion and subsequent weather damage.

If your cladding is starting to decline or is letting water into the building, call us on 0161 626 3493 to speak to one of our specialists or to arrange a free site visit to your location, where we can discuss and assess the damage in detail.

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