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Alltimes Coatings Approved Contractor

Cladding Coatings

We are delighted to announce that we have officially received our certification stating Alltimes Coatings have awarded us with Approved Contractor status.

The official status gives our customers the reassurance that we have been assessed by the paint manufacturer for our quality of workmanship and are approved by them to apply their high performance systems. Backing up our work with a manufacturers warranty, due to our quality work and are a trusted applicator.

Alltimes Coatings are one the countries leading coating manufacturers and has invested heavily in developing high performance paint systems. It’s also important for them to also invest in building a network of application contractors who they can trust to carry out work using their systems to a high standard.

Cladding Coatings have been using the Alltimes coating systems since 2019 and have become confident applicators of their revolutionary coating solutions. We have carried out projects across the UK using their coatings.

Cladding Coatings

The coatings we use include:

Advantage Brand Logo


Advantage is a hybrid system for industrial and commercial roofs, suitable for a wide range of surfaces and guttering. It is particularly effective on metal roofs.
Advantage is both light and strong and is moisture-tolerant, so can be applied in damp conditions: increasing opportunities and scope of work with minimal day-to-day disruptions. Advantage is also fully recoatable so can be applied in stages, unlike many other coating systems.

The system is single-coat application, which increases speed and minimises costs. Advantage’s thin film coating has no membrane and is only 200 microns in thickness when applied, which is an impressive spread rate. As such, when using Advantage, we can cover a significantly larger surface area with greater speed and accuracy.

The Advantage system is designed to withstand heavy loads due to its dual positive and negative pressure points. This means it will push back on the heavy weight of resting rainfall, helping maintain a constant building temperature. This is an impressive environmental benefit that we fully support here at Cladding Coatings. Additional benefits include solvent and VOC free composition, meaning Advantage doesn’t need hazardous storage. This makes onsite logistics of handling and storage easy.

This coating system has a 20-year product warranty, and 10-year latent defects insurance available.

Advantage Graphene Brand Logos

Advantage Graphene

Advantage Graphene has been developed with industry-leading anti-corrosion properties designed for metal roofs. It is designed to target roof rust whilst providing unrivalled corrosion protection. Solvent, isocyanate and VOC free, it has no strong vapours and has been developed without the harmful chemicals that can be found in competitor systems. As such, it is safe for use whatever your building’s purpose.

Graphene forms an almost completely impenetrable barrier. This means water, debris or any other small molecule finds it almost impossible to bypass the graphene, providing ultimate building protection. The addition of graphene also means that the Advantage coating systems are now more robust than ever before. Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel, despite being the thinnest material known to exist. It is lightweight, meaning there’s minimal additional weight on your roof once it has been applied. It is also versatile – its application temperature ranges from 3 to 60°C – and can be applied in damp conditions, maintaining breathability with high weather, UV and impact resistance.

In addition, Advantage Graphene needs only one coat application after preparation, which in turn results in minimal traffic on your roof. There is no shrinkage on curing, it has a flexible membrane and is also recoatable, preventing costly replacement work being necessary.

Advantage Graphene has undergone rigorous testing to ISO:9227. As such, it is now an approved enhanced metal roof coating with industry-leading resistance to corrosion.
Advantage Graphene is rare, in that it offers an exceptional 30 year guarantee.

We are delighted to be working with these systems created by Alltimes Coatings, one of the industry’s leading coating manufacturers. This gives our customers continued peace of mind in the quality of the systems we choose and the strength of our supplier partnerships.

It’s a great opportunity to be able to display this logo confirming our status and look forward to continuing work with Alltimes Coatings for many more years to come.

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