Crane Payment Innovations, Royton, Oldham

Extreme deterioration on a building, meant the paint had been completed stripped, leaving the metal sheets bare and open to the elements.

Cladding Coatings arrived onsite to Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) in Oldham, where we witnessed one of the most extreme cases of external deterioration we have seen in long time. The electronics manufacturing company is located in central Royton, Oldham, when we arrived on-site it was apparent that no maintenance had been carried out for several years.

The front of the unit looked in good conditions, however as we surveyed the back, we found several areas of extreme corrosion, where the paint on the cladding had completely been removed. The areas what were particularly bad, where the clad sheets with windows in them. Other areas of the building had also begun to see paint flaking and peeling, this is normally due to weathering.

Due to the completed deterioration of the paint, this had left the cladding sheets on the façade completely bare and open to the elements. This poses a far bigger risk of corrosion, which with vulnerable walls like these, will mean deterioration will happen at a much faster rate. This was a big concern to the landlords, who understood the expose issues, so called in Cladding Coatings to renovate the unit before it was too late.

Our team arrived promptly on-site, preparing area and building so that works could begin. This involved a cladding cleaning service, which removed all excess and dirt that had been built up on the sheets, paying particular attention to the bare sheets, which had been victim of moss. Once these had been cleaned and prepared, on-site spraying could begin.  The refurbishment was going to involve a full re-spray of all the clad areas of the building. The system we used to respray the unit was Rust-Oleum’s Noxyde highly protective coating. We used this system throughout, due to the excellent, lasting results it produces.

This paint was coated onto the walls using a spray system, this helps to produce an even coating with full coverage. The system was spayed onto all external clad panels, in a dark grey colour. As well as being highly protective against UV rays and weathering, the systems is back-up by our 10-year guarantee, which means this building will look great for a whole decade!

The full refurbishment took around one week to carry out, meeting the timescales and requirements of the client. We carried out all work during working hours, with little to no disturbance at all to staff and workers. The client was left very happy with their freshly coated building, they can now be sure there unit looks great and will do for at least a decade.

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