FDC Warehouse, Preston

We used our on-site spraying teams to revitalise this flaking warehouse unit, improving the overall appearance of the exterior.

In late 2016 we completed a refurbishment project for a new customer, FDC.  The client, Chris, has several warehouse units on industrial estates throughout the North East of England. Cladding Coatings were called to the Preston site where it was evident the building needed attention.

FDC is a family run business, that specialise in next day pallet delivery throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe; warehousing, fulfillment and third party logistics.

The industrial unit in Preston was flaking with worn out painted metal cladding that had faded over time, making the building look unsightly and tired. Due to extreme weathering, the paint had completely worn off in several areas – leaving the building unprotected from the elements, and any further damage.

If left untreated, this could severely damage the metal cladding, meaning it can no longer be refurbished, but instead would have to be replaced – the far more expensive option.

We arrived on site to the busy industrial estate, and carried out our free on-site survey to identify any major issues with the building – this would allow us to advise the client on how best to improve their exterior using our services. After a complete examination of the unit, we provided the client with an in-depth quote on our expert recommendations. With the client, happy with our suggestions and quotation, the contract was promptly agreed.

One of our free services is to supply a digital mock up of the premises before work starts so that the client can see a visual of how the building will look after refurbishment. We provided digital images of two angles of the exterior on this project.

Cladding Coatings conducted the risk assessments and method statements on behalf of the client – this is another service we carry out as part of our package, to make the refurbishment process as care-free and easy as possible for the customer. Once these were accepted and approved by Chris, we could begin the first stage, which was the cladding cleaning of the external walls and guttering. This allowed the excess dirt and flaking paint to be removed, preparing it for the new coating. This did prove challenging, as the paint was severely damaged in some areas, it took more than one clean to remove the flaking paint – although not a large issue, it was still resolved quickly and easily.

Before the new coating could be applied, we treated rusted areas, primed and filled any holes, producing a much smoother surface. Once the walls and gutters had been prepped, the on-site spraying could begin. We use Noxyde paint, a Rust-Oleum system, on the walls. This is an expert system that protects the cladding for 10 years, as well as improving the appearance with a clean, professional looking finish.

Noxyde has a wide range of colours to choose from that will match any branding or customer requirements, FDC chose a white system, a dramatic change from the old grey colour. We used Tor top coat paint on the trims and exterior gutter, to protect the guttering around the building from aging and weathering.

The project ran very smoothly, and all aspects went to plan – despite cold weather condition and extreme rain. Our expert team where able to meet the deadline set by the client, leaving the building looking great with a fresh new look – that allows it to stand out now among the neighboring units.

Read more about our onsite spraying services here.

Services Involved  

On-site Spraying

Wall Coating

Digital mock-up

Cut edge corrosion

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