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Roof Coating Using New Nano Coating

The McDonald’s food chain have used the services of Cladding Coatings in the past, to re-coat their restaurants roofs. Typically the McDonald’s buildings have a tiled roof, which after time starts to look old, grimy and weathered. This can look unsightly and the McDonald’s chain need to ensure the appearance of their buildings does not put off potential customers from entering to eat there.

Cladding Coatings were able to attend the busy restaurant and assess the roof, hearing that they wanted the roof to be low maintenance and preferably self cleaning, we suggested some options. The decision was made to use our new Nano Coating System on the roof.

Our Nano Coating system creates a protective, waterproof seal that stops liquid and dirt sticking or absorbing into the cladding or material. It has excellent corrosion protection, impermeability and temperature resistance, is quick to apply and ongoing the maintenance is minimal.

It is applied after the chosen coating system is applied to protect the finish from weathering, UV damage, scratches, dirt and water.

The system is durable, long lasting, and doesn’t take as much preparation as other protective systems of this nature. It is self cleaning and can extend the roof or cladding coating for an additional 5 years.

As the McDonald’s was a busy site all through the day, this was quite challenging and we were able to complete the project with minimal disruption to staff and customers alike.

The first step was to carry out pressure cladding cleaning on all tiles to remove any dirt, prior to the roof coating. The next step was to repair and fill any holes and cracks in the roof, these occur naturally overtime but must be rectified before the coating is applied in order to achieve the best result. Then the on-site spraying could begin, our team of experts coated the roof on site with the new protective paint. Once the top coat was complete we were then able to apply the Nano Coating System to complete the refurbishment.

Before the Nano Coating can be applied, the team needed to re-colour the tiles with a coating system that refurbishes and renews the substrate before applying the nano technology product.

The end result is pleasing on the eye and will provide a low maintenance performance roof for the food chain, guaranteed for 10 years.

Read more about nano coating here.

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