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This building elevation was showing signs of deterioration so we were able to recoat part of the buildings wall cladding to restore its condition.

Roxane water, a popular bottled water supplier, is situated in the tranquil Eden Valley near Carlisle. Roxane is part of a European based company who produce, import and wholesale spring water, this unit is one of only two sites in the UK.

Despite having a beautiful location, this plant faced tough weather and environmental conditions that led to the deterioration of its metal cladding, a crucial element of its construction. After seeing visible signs of peeling and fading, it was decided that the plant needed some refurbishment work. Not only did they want the building to look more attractive but they wanted to extend its life and avoid more costly repairs in the future. This project is a fine example of how industrial buildings can be given a new lease of life.

The metal cladding used in industrial buildings is known for its durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. However, these elements can still take a toll on metal cladding over a period of time. When the metal cladding of the Roxane unit started showing deteriorating signs, it prompted the need for refurbishment. The worn-out metal sheets were washed, and extensive deterioration was evident. The decision was then made to refurbish the metal cladding of the faded and peeling façade.

Cladding Coatings

The refurbishment project started by carefully washing metal cladding sheets so that they could be re-painted. Removing the dirt and flaking paint is crucial to achieving a high quality finish. Once prepared we are ready to apply a primer and top coat.

To ensure that the new metal cladding received the best, long lasting coating, it was essential to choose the correct paint. The paint system chosen for the new metal cladding had to be corrosion-resistant, highly durable, and weather resistant to withstand the harsh weather conditions of the Eden Valley. The paint system we used was Rustoleum Noxide in a brown colour that matched the other elevations. The colour contrasted well with the building’s natural surroundings.

Cladding Coatings

The newly coated Roxane unit stands as a testament to the importance of regular maintenance and timely refurbishment for industrial buildings. The project showed that with some care and refurbishment, an industrial plant can stand strong and look beautiful for many more years. Our wall cladding coating comes with a minimum 10 year guarantee to you can be sure that our work combined with a high quality paint system can be trusted to last for over a decade with only minimum maintenance required.

Most Industrial units can be re-coated and refurbished to increase the longevity and appearance of their building without the need to remove cladding sheets and replace them which is much more disruptive and expensive than refurbishing the existing cladding.

Cladding Coatings

The Roxane plant refurbishment project exemplifies the importance of maintaining an industrial building’s appearance and longevity. The metal cladding can be an impressive design feature for a building, but it can deteriorate over time. Roxane plant’s refurbishment has proven that timely renovation can restore metal cladding and other design elements to their original state and can make a significant improvement to the building’s appearance. Industrial plants should embrace regular maintenance as part of their operational strategy to keep their buildings in good condition, looking good, and functioning properly.

If you have an industrial unit that is starting to show signs of deterioration, then contact us to discuss your requirements. It is better to deal with the problem sooner rather than leave it until it’s too late to refurbish. Get in touch and we can provide a no obligation quotation for the work and we can recommend the best systems to suit your building and environment.

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