Southwick Industrial Estate, Sunderland

Cladding Coatings Revitalises Industrial Units to give them a new lease of life and improved image.

Cladding Coatings Revitalises Industrial Units to give them a new lease of life and improved image with our external refurbishment services in South Shields, and across the UK

Cladding Coatings has worked with Whittle Jones Chartered Surveyors on a number of projects over the years.  This most recent project in Southwick, Sunderland was to refresh and uplift the appearance of 6 Industrial units which comprised of 2 different building design types.  Whittle Jones’ team wanted to aesthetically improve the buildings to give them a similar finish being part of the same industrial estate by using our on-site spraying service.

Whittle Jones’s team are experienced in property management and refurbishment requirements, established over 30 years ago.  Whittle Jones perform an asset management function for commercial portfolios totalling circa 8 million sq. ft., this consists of a range of industrial, trade and office accommodation in over 4000 units in over 200 locations.

Whittle Jones has 4 regional offices across the country dealing with all aspects of portfolio management including, day to day property management, all features of Building Maintenance, Agency and Credit Control. This particular project was working with the North East operation which is based in Wallsend, Tyne & Wear, we carried out the industrial coating in South Shields.

When Cladding Coatings visited the site to meet with the Whittle Jones team we found that the units in question were situated as part of a larger industrial estate comprising over 30 units.  The units were occupied by a wide variety of businesses, including industrial cleaning companies, mechanics and powder coating, by nature of these types of business activities many of the units were in a poor state of repair due to day to day heavy wear and tear.

This is typical of this type of unit and something we see frequently, in particular the masonry systems which had previously been applied to the brick work at a low level were dirty and needed cleaning before any repair work could take place. In general the units required a good clean before they could be protected for their current and future tenants.

The property landlord had timed the additional work to coincide with the sites routine annual maintenance works with Cladding Coatings, this meant our usual maintenance work would happen at the same time as the additional works causing no further disruption to the tenants.

Once agreed with Whittle Jones’ team our team got to work, part of the requirements of the tenants was that we work outside of working hours where possible, which meant our team working during weekends when the site was quiet.

Our team cleaned and prepared all metal cladding before spraying and coatings the surfaces, using a Noyxde system to protect against the hard wear and tear the building faced.  All guttering systems were checked and where necessary replaced and repaired to ensure rainwater could escape easily.  This involved replacing some down spouts on the units. A large amount of the project then involved repainting existing surfaces including fascias, breeze blocks, brickwork and fencing around the site.

Once finished the units look like new, we achieved the landlords requirements for a uniform look by using paint systems that coordinated across the units.  We opted for a change in colour scheme too which proved to work much better with the dark anthracite grey on the masonry.  As well as looking better initially this colours should also look cleaner for longer – even in a hard wearing environment like this.

Whittle Jones’ continue to be pleased with Cladding Coatings work, we have also been pleased to impress some of the tenants are individually responsible for their units building maintenance and expect to see additional works for these tenants following from this project.

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