West Bromwich Albion Football Stadium

This large project not only needed a cladding re-spray but the gutters needed repair and re-coating. The project went well due to great team work and collaboration with our suppliers.

Our team never shy away from a complicated job, and it’s fair to say our recent project at West Brom stadium back in March 2020 presented a fair few challenges! Yet with our extensive external cladding refurbishment knowledge and our collaborations with industry partners, we were able to deliver a result the client was delighted with.

Building preparation challenges

On initial inspection, it quickly became clear the existing cladding was in extremely poor condition. It had been painted and/or sprayed multiple times. Yet the main problem for the client was the guttering system. The gutters leaked, causing rainwater to enter the building whenever it rained, presenting huge internal and external building problems for West Brom. However, outlining a thorough and efficient way to solve this problem was the primary reason we won the contract for the work.

Changes to project timescales

The first thing we did to begin on site was pressure-wash the cladding and rinse the gutters. Doing so was essential but left a significant amount of debris due to the heavy accumulation of dirt. In fact, our project timings needed adapting immediately to allocate an hour at the end of each day to clean the tarmac below the building.

During the project we had to work with the local council as a road needed to be closed and we then required a permit to work on the tarmac. We resolved this issue quickly and collected the required crane licence and road closure extension permit the following day so we could continue the project.

Repairing and refurbishing the cladding

Once all surfaces were prepped, we tackled the issue of cut-edge corrosion. This was a widespread problem on this property. The cut-edges were all in bad condition, so we needed to mechanically abrade and prime all rust areas for a secure, safe and clean finish. Then, we could spray the cladding. Firstly, we used the highly-protective and weather-resistant Noxyde system, following with a Rust-Oleum topcoat for a smart and thorough finish.

Adapting guttering requirements

Initially, we’d planned to paint the gutters using the Alltimes Coatings paint systems for protection and professional finish. However, we soon realised the holes in the guttering were too large for recoating, and the proposed finish wouldn’t pass the guarantee elements of the job.

We needed to adapt and respond to what was needed quickly. We collaborated with WeatherFAST: a guttering specialist company who were able to fit a new gutter system within a week. The system, WeatherFOLD, is a hard, metal gutter liner that’s designed to withstand heavy traffic and corrosion and requires very little maintenance.

We have now become WeatherFAST approved installers for WeatherFOLD. You can find out more about the system and its properties here.

The project at West Brom stadium took four to six weeks to complete, and certainly presented its challenges! That said, it’s a great example of how our team responds quickly and collaborates in the face of changed plans and uncertainty to provide a result that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Take a look at some before and after images of the stadium’s guttering system here. It’s clear to see the extent of the damage and debris and, in contrast, the clean, professional finish we delivered.

If you’re facing a huge external building refurbishment and repair project, and you’re not sure how to tackle it, talk to our team. Our advice is without obligation and our quotes are provided free of charge.

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