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Understanding ISO 12944

International Standards can be baffling but Cladding Coatings has invested time and money in ensuring its understanding and compliance with ISO 12944, here’s why….

It is a well-known fact that if steel is left unprotected whether simply in the atmosphere, or in water or soil it is more than likely going to corrode and this will lead to damage. It is usual that steel is protected in some way to increase the lifespan of the structure. ISO 12944 deals with how paint systems and covers can protect steel from corrosion and damage.

The ISO 12944 standard is intended to assist companies like Cladding Coatings understand the environment that a new building is in and therefore use covers and paint systems that will give best protection to the building.

The standard recommends that the environment be graded from C1, which is low risk, perhaps rural, office complex to C5M, which would be high risk, perhaps an offshore oil rig or coastal resort with high salinity. Once the grade is identified the next step is to understand how durable the building needs to be in terms of its maintenance needs. This varies again from less than 5 years to greater than 15 year terms.

Once this is understood the Cladding Coatings team is able to choose a ISO 12944 compliant system which is appropriate to the
building when considering the above factors.

Rustoleum PaintCladding Coatings has taken the approach that only the best will do for its clients, opting for the Rustoleum range of paint systems. This includes the NOXYDE® metal coating which is certified for 15 years lifespan in C5M environments, which is the toughest of environments recognised by ISO12944.

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