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Why our new system for Flat Roof Refurbishment works

Cladding Coatings new Flat Roof Refurbishment Service is a leading system with a difference. Historically flat roofs are problematic, suffering from leaks due to seams and joins, standing water and then health & safety issues due to the traditional application methods of felt roof systems.

The new Flat Roof Refurbishment service uses liquid roof technology which offers significant benefits when comparing to conventional methods or sheet roofing materials.

The system works by encapsulating the entire roof seamlessly, removing any opportunity for seams or joins to create leaks in the months or years to come. Many industrial roofs can be complex with chimneys and pipes protruding randomly, over the years we have found this to be challenging having to cut round applying a patchwork quilt of felt to accommodate the different protrusions.

By applying the liquid system each pipe or chimney is easily managed with the liquid simply coating snugly to each creating a breathable but waterproof barrier.

A common issue with a flat roof is that rainwater can stand unable to drain effectively, often pooling and creating weakness to the roof. In extreme cases the additional weight of the water can cause the roof to move and split the roof membrane over time.

Cladding Coatings Flat Roof Refurbishment system has been tested and is proven to withstand pooling water in all weather conditions. As part of the survey before we commence work we may recommend a tapered insulation system to allow better drainage to the roof.

Our new service is suitable for application in all kinds of premises, even those such as local authorities, where hot works is no longer allowed. Our liquid roof technology is a simple paint system, therefore hot works is not required. Our work can be completed safely whilst the premises are inhabited.

For more information about Flat Roof Refurbishment and to arrange a survey please contact Cladding Coatings.

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