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Bring your metal cladding coating back to life in 2022

Make your commitment to a ‘new year, new building’ with Cladding Coatings’ repair and refurbishment that transforms your property for a safe and smart façade finish.

We make many promises to ourselves every new year that comes around. ‘New year, new you’: with gym memberships, diet changes, and the pledge that we’ll stop old habits and take up new ones.

It’s widely known that most New Year’s resolutions fail. Yet there’s one dedication you should make, and commit to keep: to repair and refurbish your building. From failing metal cladding coating to flaking wall cladding painting, the problems your property is facing must be solved to keep both your occupants and your operations secure.

Ford Prescott car showroom

A refreshed façade for a safer property

A new look office, car showroom, retail shopfront or warehouse isn’t just about the aesthetics. Naturally, your building’s appearance is important: first impressions count, and you want to create the right ones to attract customers and show them you care about your property’s maintenance and its presentation. Yet it’s just as much about security, with repair work for a ‘new’ appearance carried out with your safety at heart.

Synertec Warrington Gutter Corrosion

For example, let’s look at common problems with metal cladding coating. Your roof coating, for example, may be showing signs of cut edge corrosion. Here, the edges of the metal cladding coating have started to peel back, with cracks or curls at the end of the sheets exposing your building to damage. This is especially concerning on your roof, where rain, snow and debris are increasingly likely to bypass the corroded metal sheeting and enter your property, resulting in internal and external damage. It’s even more problematic in winter, where the constant freezing and thawing temperatures cause unwelcome expansion and contraction in the metal cladding coating, accelerating the rate of corrosion.

Roof cladding maintenance to repair cut edge corrosion is just one of the many ways we give your building a new look with an enhanced level of protection, backed by our minimum 10-year guarantee. See the process in action on metal cladding coating sheets here.

Make your building look like new again

It’s easy to commit to a ‘new’ building when, in fact, your existing property remains very much the same. That’s because, at Cladding Coatings, we always champion repair and refurbishment instead of replacement works. Here, we give your building that brand new look without replacing a single part or panel.

Of course, there are times when replacement work is unavoidable. This usually happens when a building has become too badly damaged, beyond the point of repair, and replacement turns out to be the only option possible to keep you safe and protect the rest of your building. For example, failure to maintain the paintwork on your wall and roof cladding might cause metal cladding coating damage that needs full panel replacement due to the extent of the damage.

However, replacement work is our last resort, and we strive to repair and refurbish at every stage. Replacement is typically more expensive, more disruptive and more time-consuming, but by stopping damage in its tracks – for example with a Cladding Coatings’ planned maintenance schedule that keeps track of your building’s condition – you can get that ‘new building’ look and feel without replacing a single product or panel.

You can identify the kind of things to keep an eye out for, including what failed metal cladding coating sheets look like, here to understand better when we need to step in to support you.

To talk to us about a planned maintenance package that protects your property, book us to come and carry out a free on-site survey, or simply ask our experienced metal cladding coating team for their expert advice get in touch with Cladding Coatings today. We’ll help you start off your new year in the right way with a ‘new’ property that makes your building look, feel and perform like new again.

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