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Cladding maintenance – Selecting the best systems for your building’s cladding

Cladding offers properties such as thermal insulation and weather resistance making it an ideal solution for buildings and structures. It can also improve the appearance of your building.

Metal Cladding

Metal cladding is a popular choice for many types of commercial and industrial buildings. It is known for being strong and durable and also improves the quality and appearance of your building. Unlike other types of cladding, metal cladding can also be used on roofs.

However, metal cladding doesn’t last forever and will need maintenance due to damage and deterioration caused by factors such as weather and debris. Without cladding maintenance, you will find that metal cladding will start to rust or could lead to problems such as cut edge corrosion.

External wall cladding coating completed - Martin Collins Enterprises
Roof Cladding Refurbishment Barnsley Retail Units Hull after external painting

Cladding Coatings are approved installers of many of the countries leading coating applications. Various cladding coating systems have been developed over the years to help maintain the quality of your metal cladding. Take a look at some of the coating systems we recommend for a high-quality façade finish.

Metal cladding is now more cost-effective thanks to these specialist systems, which can protect and prolong the life of metal cladding sheets. All systems and services provided by Cladding Coatings are backed by a minimum 10-year guarantee, with some coating systems providing even longer product guarantees. This gives you the ultimate peace of mind that your cladding maintenance project is of the highest quality.

Masonry Cladding

Roman Spas Chesterfield with signage

Many buildings are made from brick or stone as it is a strong material and has a long life span of more than 500 years! There is a range of coating systems available to help maintain the appearance and quality of your stone or brick building and prevent it from looking tired and run down.

Generally, brick and stone buildings don’t require much maintenance; however, adding a suitable masonry coating could help protect your building and improves its appearance. If you notice your building looks tired or worn, make sure not to ignore it. Refurbishing your building when you see a problem arise could prevent more costly building refurbishment and replacement works in the future.

At Cladding Coatings, we offer a range of cladding maintenance services to help revitalise your building façade. Take a look at our full list of refurbishment services here.

If your building has a combination of masonry and other cladding materials, there is no need for concern as we have lots of experience working with a combination of cladding materials. Take a look at this car showroom case study to see how we approach a building with different cladding types.

Wooden Cladding

Wood is a strong material used throughout history for buildings and structures, and It continues to be a popular choice in construction and architecture even today. Wooden cladding is often used on the exterior of buildings when appearance is key. If your building produces a lot of noise, timber cladding could be the perfect option for your building as it is widely known for both its heat and sound insulation.

As always, the maintenance of your building is essential when trying to reduce costs. To avoid a full refurbishment of your wooden cladding, we offer various wooden cladding coatings to suit the requirements of your building.

In order to select the most suitable wooden cladding coating systems for your building, our team will visit your building and conduct a free on-site survey. The on-site survey allows us to assess the condition of your building and see if there is any damage. We will select the most suitable cladding coating systems to refresh the exterior of your building based on what we find.

If you have any questions about maintaining your wooden cladding, send us an email, and we will be more than happy to help.

Metsa Wood Widnes Wooden Cladding Coating
Aquinas College Wooden Cladding Spraying Refurbishment

Cedral weatherboard

If you like the look of timber cladding but want something that requires a little less maintenance, then Cedral weatherboard could be the choice for you. With a guaranteed life span of 50 years, Cedral weatherboard is known for being weather, pest, and rot-resistant.

Here at Cladding Coatings, we offer two Cedral weatherboard systems, Cedral lap and Cedral click. Cedral lap weatherboard is installed in traditional lap style, giving the visual appearance of timber. Cedral Click is a textured surface system that leaves only small gaps between the panels, resulting in an attractive, highly protective finish.

An example of where we have used Cedral weatherboard is the cladding maintenance project at Dukeries Academy in Nottinghamshire.

Cladding Repair

If you would like to learn more about any of our cladding maintenance and refurbishment services, please get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team. Alternatively, click here if you would like to book a free on-site survey or request a quote.

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