Bowker BMW, Blackburn

Appearance is vitally important at such a busy location, this car showroom needed to ensure it stood out for the right reasons. We used an impressive silver finish on the walls and canopy roof.

Using the latest additions to our paint system portfolio and our car showroom expertise, we delivered a sleek, façade finish for the Blackburn site of this well-known car retailer.

The Cladding Coatings’ team’s car showroom refurbishment and repair knowledge combined with the introduction of a brand new, high performance system to deliver an appealing finish for our latest client, Bowker BMW in Blackburn.

There was much to consider at this unit, from a potentially challenging location to the application of not one but two new paint systems. Yet the installation was smooth, the finish was smart, and the client completely satisfied with the work.

Tailoring application based on the unit’s location

The location of the Bowker BMW unit is a prominent one, so keeping up the professional and inviting appearance was a crucial factor in the need for a cladding coating project. Based at Trident Park, the area is busy near the M65 motorway with a business park, shops and restaurants, and therefore plenty of footfall. What’s more, the area is also home to a number of other car retailers and car supermarkets, so it was important Bowker BMW stood apart for the right reasons.

In additional, the industrial based location in relatively close proximity to the UK’s North-West coastline meant the unit was likely to be exposed to the elements unfavourably. A high corrosion class in an area of high salinity means the building is more likely to experience the negative effects of corrosion. (You can learn more about why that is and what it means here.) An experienced building maintenance team, like Cladding Coatings, was needed to address the problem carefully and expertly.

Using new paint systems for architectural cladding

The Bowker BMW unit needed careful paint treatment. It was the perfect occasion for our team to use one of our latest paint systems from Rawlins: Axalta ViterClad Bonding Coat and Axalta ViterClad M50 Finish. These two systems work together perfectly to maintain and repair architectural cladding.

Our commercial painting and cladding coatings team used both these paint systems for the external walls and canopy of the Bowker BMW Blackburn unit. The bonding coat was used as a high-performance adhesion coat that provided the perfect application surface for the M50 Finish. The result was polished, professional and inviting, and ideally suited for a prominent, high-value car retailer.

You can find out more about the paint systems and their properties in our latest System Focus blog post here.

Cladding Coatings

Taking expertise from car showroom experience

At Cladding Coatings, we’ve worked on car showroom units and for car retailers’ properties across the UK. These units have ranged in size and need: from vast car supermarket on-site spraying jobs to smaller, luxe car retailers needing a presentable façade finish. Yet each has benefited from the Cladding Coatings approach that balances the need to invite customers with an attractive appearance whilst making sure the property is safe and secure to protect the exceptionally high value contents.

Take a look at some of our car showroom work here for clients such as Tesla, Ford, Renault and Motorpoint. You’ll also find some before and after images showing how we restored the units to their former glory.

Is your car showroom in need of refurbishment and repair? Or are you keen to find out more about how the latest paint systems in our high performance portfolio can transform your building’s external walls and roofs? Talk to our team today. With expert advice and the offer of a fast, free quotation following a no obligation site survey, we’d love to help your building look like new again. Get in touch today.

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