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Summer showers? It’s time to get your guttering checked

Summer? Apparently! But it seems the weather didn’t get the message, and we – and our buildings – are all too aware of the thunderstorms that are causing chaos to summer plans and our properties.

Heavy rainfall can be a problem for your building when you’re expecting it. Yet the recent summer showers are taking many property owners by surprise, as they’re finding their guttering is blocked and overflowing – and causing damage to their building and its surroundings.

Why is your guttering so important?

Your guttering is an oft-forgotten part of your external building, but it’s one with a hugely important job. Your guttering is there to divert water away from your roof. If it is unable to do that, due to blockages in the system or poor guttering performance, it causes standing water to build up. Not only does that damage the guttering itself, it causes water to accumulate on the roof of your property – resulting in significant problems long-term.

We’ve experienced plenty of high winds this summer, too. That only makes the problem worse, as it increases the amount of debris – such as branches and foliage – that blows into your gutters. Without professional gutter cleaning that dirt and debris stays there. Worse still, in wet weather, the leaves compact, further adding to the number of unwanted materials clogging up your gutters.

Cladding Coatings

What do you need to do to solve the problem?

The answer for you is simple: you need gutter cleaning and coating professionals, like the team here at Cladding Coatings, to repair and maintain your guttering.
We’ll clean out the gutters to remove any blockages, allowing water to flow freely. If needed, we can reseal any internal joints to stop any water leaking through and damaging your property, and the buildings and land around it. Then, our guttering recoating and lining service finishes the work to long-lasting effect, increasing the life expectancy of your guttering system. To do that, we apply liquid fibre coatings to form a protective lining. Systems we use include Tor Coatings: Elastaseal™ HD gutter system, known for its excellent weather proofing properties, and the hard, metal liner developed by WeatherFOLD, which we bespoke fit to commercial and industrial properties as system-approved installers.

West Bromwich Stadium Gutter Repair

How can you protect your guttering systems long-term?

We can’t plan for good – or bad – weather! Yet you can plan to protect your property, which is why our maintenance service is so popular, particularly for guttering systems. It means we can check for and identify any issues that might start to appear and put a plan in place to promptly repair them, avoiding long-term damage to your building’s walls, roof and gutters.

With regular maintenance, you can plan for a properly protected property – no matter what the weather has in store. It’s perfect peace of mind. Find out more about what our regular maintenance service is all about, then have a chat to a member of our friendly team.

Whether you’ve just identified an issue or want to stay one step ahead with planned maintenance, our gutter cleaning and coating service protects your property and your people. Talk to us today, and let us know what we can do to help.

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