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Industry Focus: Warehouses

Does your warehouse require some care and attention? Is the facade performing well enough to both look good and protect the stock and employees inside? Due to the nature of our work a large proportion of the properties we refurbish are warehouses.

DHL building before and after refurbishment

Not only can we help you clean, refurbish and paint your external cladding and roofs we have vast experience with warehouse floor painting too covering all your health, safety and operational needs.
You might be wondering how you could possibly get internal and external works completed with your busy schedule and workload. We understand your pressures and devise a plan that allows you and your workforce to operate with minimal disruption.

Examples of warehouses we have worked on.

Cladding Coatings

Squab, Bridgwater

Squab Bridgwater, a leader in the self-storage industry, undertook an extensive modernisation and rebranding project at their Crossways Road facility in Bridgwater. Recognised for adherence to the stringent quality standard BS EN 15696, Squab Bridgwater aimed to advance the level of service and security that is synonymous with their brand.

Part of a transitional phase from former management under Britannia Lanes of Somerset and Bristol, this project was not only a transformation in physical infrastructure but also a shift towards reinvigorating the facility’s brand image.

Cladding Coatings
Cladding Coatings

The before and after pictures are quite something and you can read more about this project here.

Cladding Coatings

The Storage Team, Winsford, Cheshire

On this storage facility at Winsford, we re-coated doors, windows and shutters alongside the external wall elevation for a repeat customer. The building was newly acquired by The Storage Team however it was brand new with construction teams still on site. This project wasn’t about refurbishing the external decay but to re-brand and change the colour scheme of the vast facade.

We were able to re-coat several areas of the building to ensure it was in keeping with other properties owned by the brand. Initially a digital mock up was created to ensure that the chosen colour scheme worked with the existing and that it also worked alongside the new signage.

Once the external cladding painting work was completed, we finalised the project with internal door and window coating. This covered eight internal door sets and eight windows to the side elevation, painted in complementary colours for perfect professional finishing touches. You can read full details about this project here.

Cladding Coatings

Brother, Wrexham

Health and safety and operational needs saw us take on a vast floor painting project, transforming poor floor conditions and making floor signage visible and vibrant.
Your factory floor needs to withstand a huge amount of traffic. With constant footfall, heavy duty machinery and indoor vehicle use, your floor can quickly fall into a state of disrepair.

Brother Industries UK, the recycling technology centre for the multinational electronics company Brother Group, spoke to us about their floor requirements, as we had previously completed onsite spraying work on their external cladding.

Playing a huge part in the environmental work of the global brand, and also boasting its own in-house moulding division, Brother Industries’ Wrexham-based factory floor handled a lot of traffic and housed heavy machinery. To perform properly and keep people safe, Brother Industries knew their factory floor needed refurbishment and repair.

We took on this floor painting project in stages and sections to ensure minimal disruption to our client’s operations while completing the work as efficiently and safely as possible. You can read more about it here.

Howard Tenens building after coating

Howard Tenens, Sharpness

Howard Tenens is one of the largest independently owned and operated logistics companies in the UK. With a strong reputation to uphold they knew that their site needed to look smart but more importantly be able to live up to their business operations.

Working on a busy operational site requires careful planning. Once we had established the work that needed doing we came up with a work schedule to ensure that there would be minimal disruption to our client and their business operations.

For the external elevations including the canopy and the gable elevation, we elected to use the trusted Noxyde® by Rust-Oleum as it provides a smooth professional finish and offers excellent corrosion protection for years to come. Noxyde® can also be applied in a variety of shades and colours so we were able to get the exact colour that Howard Tenens required for their industrial wall cladding coating.

For the 9 loading doors and trims, we chose to use another trusted paint system from Rust-Oleum that we have been using in our building refurbishment projects for many years. 7500 Alkythane® has exceptional anti-corrosion properties and is ideal for a thorough and quick application whilst offering optimal protection. It is incredibly effective when applied in highly corrosive environments for example high salinity areas near the coast. You can read the full case study here. Industrial wall cladding coating – Howard Tenens, Sharpness – Cladding Coatings

If you would like to find out more about our industrial wall cladding services or any of our other maintenance or refurbishment services then get in touch with a member of our friendly team for a chat. Alternatively, contact us if you would like to book your free on-site survey or to get a quotation.

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