Car Supermarket, Hessle

This car dealership needed a full external refurbishment due to the change of branding and asked our team to assist. The external walls of this showroom were re-coated to transform the entire look of the building.

Re-branded car dealership external building refurbishment

Brand reputation matters, particularly when you’re selling coveted and expensive items, such as cars. Thankfully, knew they’d be in trusted hands when they asked our team here at Cladding Coatings to refurbish their Car Supermarket in Hessle, Hull in August 2020. It’s a commercial painting project we’re delighted to add to our car showroom external refurbishment portfolio, with impressive results for both on-brand consistency and anti-corrosion prevention.

Shopfront spraying Carsupermarket before and after

Onsite spraying for brand integrity

First impressions matter, especially when you’re buying a high-value product. As such, Car Supermarket knew their external building needed to look inviting and well-cared for. Shopfront spraying was essential, and we used a thoroughly-tested paint system, the 10-year Rust-Oleum Noxyde® that’s ideal for cladding coating and commercial painting. Its excellent corrosion protection and waterproofing make it the perfect onsite spraying paint when brand reputation and customer appeal are both strong factors.

The trusted paint system was also important, as Car Supermarket had a large area to cover: approximately 1924m2 across four elevations, including all external windows and doors. With a large area, and six showrooms across the Car Supermarket portfolio in total, consistency was key. Thankfully, our onsite spraying expertise meant we could deliver a thorough approach with a smooth finish and attention to detail throughout.

Cladding Coatings

Ultimate protection for coastal locations

Hull is both a coastal and industrial city. Whilst this is great for business opportunities, it presents some problems for the condition of your façade. Hull is like to be a C4 or a C5 environment. This means it is in one of the higher corrosion classes, due to the high-levels of salt likely found in the atmosphere, as well as higher-than-average levels of humidity. The result is that your building is more prone to cut-edge corrosion damage.

Surveyors will likely know to assess this before acquiring a property. Yet it might be news to landlords or project managers, who need to be aware of potential concerns when managing schedules and budgets for building upkeep. Fortunately, for clients like Car Supermarket, having Cladding Coatings on-hand to provide the commercial painting and shopfront spraying work required meant the right paint systems were applied to the façade to give it optimal protection.

You can find more detail about corrosion classification here, as well as keeping an eye out for an upcoming blog where we’ll be exploring how the classification helps us choose the right cladding coating for your external walls and roofs.

Trusted shopfront spraying for Car Supermarkets

We’re trusted cladding coatings experts for the car showroom industry. Clients, like Car Supermarket, tell us they know we’ll take great care to work around their opening hours and high-value stock, and provide the finish that upholds their brand reputation. Find out more about the proven processes we use to keep car showrooms looking presentable and professional. You can also find examples of our work for a range of well-known car industry clients.

If you’re a facilities manager or project manager looking to maintain the welcoming impression of your car showroom, contact our team at Cladding Coatings today.

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