Hales Sawmills, Shropshire

A roof showing signs of age with flaking paint and corrosion, completely refurbished by our team. The roof has been repaired and re-coated onsite and has now extended its lifetime,

Keeping stock secure is crucial for this timber merchant client. An expert roof recoating project was carried out for ultimate protection with long-term guarantee.

A family-run business based in Shropshire, Hales Sawmills supplies quality timber products for a range of applications. Their site is both a retail outlet and timber merchant, with a high volume of valuable stock for both sale and supply. Therefore, protecting the timber is absolutely vital to ensure business operations are safe and successful.

To do everything they can to make their building secure, Hales Sawmills knew they needed to attend to their roof. Roof coating is a service we regularly provide here at Cladding Coatings. This is often because roofs are quick to fall into disrepair, allowing the elements to enter the building and compromising both safety and contents. Yet the damage is not always easy to see, so clients, like Hales Sawmills, ask Cladding Coatings for our expert processes and careful commercial painting application methods.

Making access safe and systems secure

Of course, the immediate concern with any roof coating project is safety. At Cladding Coatings, we take our ongoing commitment to health and safety very seriously, so to protect our team and clients we begin any roof coating project by installing scaffold edge protection. We did this at Hales Sawmills before we began the cladding coating work, and also installed an access tower. This meant our team could work safely at height and complete the roof recoating project securely and efficiently, as well as reducing the time they needed on Hales Sawmills’ roof to complete the work to meet both client timescales and budgets.

Installing systems to withstand the weather

Your roof bears the brunt of the harsh British climate. It’s the first part of your property to feel the immediate effects of rainfall, and the initial place where debris will build up. Therefore, a heavy-duty paint system is essential to withstand the elements and ensure the roof remains thoroughly protected. For Hales Sawmills, we used our 15-year Noxyde system. Not only does this exceed our minimum 10-year requirement for the guarantee we place on all our work, it has unrivalled rust-prevention and anti-corrosion protection properties. As approved installers of the Noxyde system, Hales Sawmills could be confident in our approved installation expertise to apply the paint system to only the highest standards.

Demonstrating roof coating requirements with drone surveys

Hales Sawmills knew their property required roof coating and could confidently instruct Cladding Coatings based on a clear understanding of their needs. Yet often it is tricky to know what the problems on your roof may be, and how to target them, as your roof is certainly not easy to see. To support you to get a clear, objective picture, our MD Mike Hallwood is trained and certified to fly drones and provide you with a drone survey. Drone site surveys give your access to, and visibility of, otherwise hard-to-see areas of your roof. With recorded footage to review, you’ll be clear about any issues and presented with a transparent and fair quote for roof coating repair.

If you have essential stock to protect and, even more crucially, staff to take care of in your building, it is essential to make sure your roof cladding is in a good state of repair. If not, you risk causing significant external and internal damage to your property, which can be expensive and time consuming. Ask Cladding Coatings about roof coating repair and refurbishment today. Just like for our happy client Hales Sawmills, we promise a commitment to health and safety, use of premium paint systems, and careful attention to detail backed by over a decade of cladding coatings’ expertise. Contact us today.

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