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Location Focus: Cladding Coatings on-site spraying projects completed in Wales

We have travelled all of the UK to help our customers, so let’s take a look at some of the on-site spraying and cladding refurbishment projects we have completed in Wales.

Porcelanosa shopfront

Porcelanosa, Cardiff

Cladding Coatings carried out this project for the Spanish company, Porcelanosa in Autumn 2015. The project included new signage to be fitted. The size and placement of the signs would have affected the rest of the building’s appearance, so we met with the Porcelanosa team to create solutions and plan to ensure our clients got the finish they wanted.

After using our on-site spraying and wall coating services, we produced an excellent finish for this building and have since completed three stores for Porcelanosa’s brand re-launch in Cardiff, Croydon, and Nottingham.

Railway Station, Swansea

Swansea Railway Station after coating

As a well-used railway station, the building had experienced some deterioration. When visiting your premises, you want your customers to feel safe and welcomed, and so we were happy to help create that finish Swansea Railway Station was looking for.

Due to the fact that the station was open while work was being carried out, careful project management and planning were needed to ensure the safety of customers and to keep disruption to a minimum.

For the on-site spraying, we used our trusted systems such as Noxyde® paint system and Topcoat by Rust-Oleum as it is hardwearing and provides excellent anti-corrosion properties to help keep the building looking tidy and professional.

If your building needs refurbishment work, but you are worried about closing your business whilst work is completed, don’t hesitate to contact our team to discuss your project requirements. We have years of experience completing work whilst businesses remain open and operational. If this isn’t an option, we can plan the refurbishment works around you and your operating times to ensure minimal disruption is caused to your business.

Commercial Cladding Refurbishment - Brother Industries Wrexham after painting equipment

Brother, Wrexham

The cladding on this industrial facility in Wrexham was recoated with an onsite spraying application of a tried and trusted paint system: Rust-Oleum Noxyde®. This system, backed by a ten-year guarantee, was installed to the external wall cladding across the large façade.

Yet it wasn’t only the façade we repainted. Unlike our usual cladding clean and spray work, we painted the exterior machinery too. This is a slightly different way of working for us, but it was right for our client, so we readily adjusted our work to meet their needs. The result was an impressive finish, with the refreshed external machinery helping the full building come back to life. Read more about this project here.

Televes, Cwmbran

This on-site spraying project was completed in September 2019. The company building is based on an industrial estate in Cwmbran, Torfaen, placing it close to Newport and the Bristol Channel. Due to its location, the building was prone to salt damage as industrial estates and coastal areas have a high-salinity rate.

Before any work started, our customers were able to see what their building would look like after the transformation, thanks to our unique digital mock up service. With our customers happy with the proposed finish, we started work to transform the building.

We prepared and painted the loading doors and windows with 7500 Alkythane® from Rust-Oleum with a high-performing corrosion-resistant topcoat. This was an important step because the loading doors are key to the supply and operations of the business.

You can trust that no matter what condition your building is in, Cladding Coatings will always achieve a high-quality refurbishment with an excellent long-lasting finish. Read the project case study here.

Deans Removals Conwy

Deane’s Removals, Conwy

This family-run firm in North Wales has its own purpose-built container store for household goods. Deane’s Removals were aware of the trust their clients had in them to store their goods safely, and so they understood that the maintenance of the building was vital.

Once the Cladding Coatings team arrived at the unit, the building required a full clean to remove any debris and then the building was primed and prepared for the repainting of the full external façade, which took two weeks. As always, we wanted our customer to have the peace of mind that their building would be refurbished to the highest standard, using long-lasting, high-quality systems. For the on-site spraying of the metal cladding, we used the trusted 10-year guaranteed Noxyde® painting system to the left, right and rear elevations on this project.

The finished unit is now on-brand, sleek and professional to instil trust in Deane’s Removals storage facilities and to help them attract new clients.

Is your building starting to look tired or run down? Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a project you’d like us to take a look at or to find out more about our on-site spraying services. No matter where you are based in the UK, we are more than happy to help.

Contact us on 0161 626 3493 if you have an on-site spraying or refurbishment project you would like to discuss or book your free on-site survey here.

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